Antiblock agents are very small particles, which are well dispersed in the final product.
Some of these particles are located at the surface, so they cause a very small distance between the product’s surface and other surfaces.
This small distance is capable to prevent tacking or blocking at the surface.

For the choice of the proper antiblock agent it is necessary to consider the suitable material, particle form and the particle size distribution.
Otherwise antiblock additives could have a negative influence to transparency, gloss, scratches on surface and to the mechanical properties.

We offer antiblock additives based on natural and synthetic silica, talc, chalk and kaolin.

The combination of antiblock additives with external slip agents is commonly used for achieving optimal slipping / antiblock properties on surfaces.

X-antiblock masterbatches can be adjusted according to the demands of your application. We will offer the most suitable material and particle size distribution and a combination with other additives such as slip agents as well.

X-antiblock offers solutions for all common thermoplastic resins. They are suitable for film and sheet extrusion and injection moulding.


Please contact us, if you are interested in our products. We will gladly send you more detailed information.

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