Masterbatches for minimizing or elimination of unwanted odor in plastic applications.

The X-antiodor products are based on two different active ingredients. One part of the ingredients is capable to eliminate more or less volatile smells out of the resin. The other part of ingredients is capable for binding nonvolatile smells by chemical reaction.

So the combination of both ingredients is useful for maximum elimination of odor. If needed the different active ingredients can also be used solely.

For the elimination of volatile odor a degassing zone is required. In addition with X-antiodor the elimination of volatile ingredients will be optimized. Typical application is the re-granulation of recycling material.

If no degassing zone is available the chemical binding will be used solely. This is useful in applications where the odor test just failed by the odor of the polymer and the grade has to be improved around 0.5 – 1.0.

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