Chemical foaming agents are well established in the plastics industry. They are mainly used for weight reduction of products made in extrusion or injection molding processes.

Moreover, there are a lot of further possibilities with chemical foaming agents. They reduce production costs by increasing the output. In injection moulding applications foaming agents can reduce cycle times and help removing sink marks.

Further capabilities of polymeric foams are surface effects or better soft-touch effects of TPE and increase of insulation properties.

Chemical foaming agents are further used as nucleating agents in the direct gassing process for regulation of the cell size.

X-foaming Masterbatches are available in several mixtures between 5 and 70 per cent of active ingredient.

X-foaming offers solutions for various applications in extrusion and injection moulding and for nearly all common polymers.

We offer a wide range of standard products and “tailor made” solutions for your special requirements.

 Please contact us, if you are interested in our foaming agents. We will gladly send you more detailed information.

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