X-protect UV

UV stabilisation protects your product made of plastic resin from sunlight.

Polymers can be destroyed by the high energetic UV rays of the sunlight. A chain reaction follows, breaking further polymeric bonds by radicals.

The accelerated ageing processes will cause a reduction of the mechanical properties such as impact strength, elongation at break and tensile strength.
Eventually there will be several visual damages like discolouration, reduction of transparency and gloss, blooming effect and finally cracks on the surface.

HALS stabilizers
An effective UV protection is the application of so called HALS stabilizers (hindered-amine light stabilizer). These stabilizers stop the chain reaction and prevent polymers from further damage. The advantage of HALS stabilizers is the high efficiency even at low dosage levels.

UV absorber
UV absorbers become effective by filtering the UV part of the sunlight.
The efficiency of the UV absorption depends on the dosage level and on the thickness of the final product. UV absorbers are not capable to protect surfaces, only deeper layers of the product can be protected. The main application for UV absorbers is the protection of contents of packagings (e.g. plastic bottles and containers) from UV light.

X-protect UV masterbatches are mixtures based on HALS stabilizers, UV absorbers or a combination of both additive groups.

X-protect UV provides solutions for most of the common polymers. They are “tailor made” products which we match with the demands of your application.

Please contact us, if you are interested in our UV stabilizers. We will gladly send you more detailed information.

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