X-protect antiox

By influence of heat, high shear stress and chemical attack, the polymeric bonds in the polymeric chains can can be cracked.

The break of polymeric bonds leads to the formation of free radicals. These radicals initiate a chain reaction, the auto-oxidation, which will cause many further breaks of polymeric bonds. The result is asevere damage of the polymer.

The visible damages are discolouration, reduction of transparency and gloss, blooming effect and finally cracks on the surface.

Further the damages will cause a reduction of the mechanical properties such as impact strength, elongation at break and tensile strength.

X-protect antiox masterbatches contain thermal stabilizers, which are able to inhibit the formation of free radicals. Further, they inhibit the auto-oxidation by existing radicals.

X-protect antiox provides mixtures for most of the common thermoplastics. They are suitable for all applications in extrusion and injection molding.

We will gladly advice you which anti-oxidant is suitable for your application.

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