Many plastics are combustible and need flame retardants in several manufacturing sectors, to minimize the risk of inflaming.

The safe use of plastics in buildings, electronic devices, cars, etc. is not possible without protection by flame retardants.

Flame retardants are various chemicals, which are added to inhibit or resist the spread of fire. Hence, flame retardants protect human life and real value.

The protection of various polymers in many different applications can’t be done with only one active ingredient. Therefore, it is necessary, to develop “tailor made” flame retardants, which are suitable for the applications and the required level of protection.

The main applications are:
– Building materials (insulation, pipes, boards, films)
– Electronic devices (cables, housings, printed circuit boards)
– Automotive (foam cushions, textiles, inner coverings and panels

X-antiflame masterbatches are „tailor made“ products, developed for your application and your demands.

Please contact us, if you are interested in our flame retardants. We will gladly send you more detailed information.

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